Why Choose to Study a BCom Law Degree

Why should you choose to study a  BCom Law degree?

A BCom Law degree allows one to consolidate two careers – Law and Commerce, or one could branch out into either one of the two. Every commercial transaction has a legal implication. An intersect between these two fields is critical in producing the professionals that have this specific combination. 

The BCom Law degree prepares students to be employed as legal advisors, managers, entrepreneurs and contributors to the society and the legal sector. One could alternatively pursue a postgraduate LLB and become a legal practitioner or pursue a career in commerce.

What is the duration of the BCom Law degree?

The BCom Law degree is 3 years. The modules have a good mix of commercial and law subjects which are spread quite nicely over the 3 year period. Special attention has been given to ensure a good balance between law and commerce.

What are the minimum requirements for this degree?

A National Senior Certificate with a Bachelor’s Degree endorsement admission or a relevant NQF 4 qualification or equivalent.

What type of skills will this degree provide?

  • Upon completion, students will be able to demonstrate a well-rounded and systematic knowledge of the structure of the South African legal system and the relationship between the various subdisciplines of law that comprise our legal system.
  •  Identify and evaluate the basic principles and norms of the modern South African Private and Mercantile Law.
  •  Engage with legal texts pertaining to legislation, court precedent and academic
    articles to source, identify and select appropriate and relevant information to
    support and inform statements, recommendations and decisions related to
    legal and corporate financial position.
  • Interpret questions of law of an advanced nature, including legal problems
    encountered in financial planning.
  • Articulate, contextualise and communicate a legal conundrum and its likely
    solution in a professional and academically appropriate manner

Why choose REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL to study?

REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL is an established Higher Education institution which boasts many years of experience.

Students at REGENT can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Tech-rich and future focused education – iLead Lab and RED hub – focusing on employability
  • Accredited and internationally recognised qualifications
  • Accessible and affordable Higher Education
  • Committed student centered culture – focusses on student success
  • Focus on real world skills development that ensures the best possible preparation for employability, life and success
  • Diversified student networking opportunities across Africa through Honoris United Universities.

Three years. Two career pathways. One degree. If you can’t decide on a career in law or business, keep both options open with our BCom in Law degree. Perfect for aspirant managers, entrepreneurs, or those who want to work in the legal sector.

Enquire online today, a consultant is waiting to assist you. 

Written by Head of School of Law and Administration, Munirah Osman


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