Why Choose to Study a BCom Law Degree

Planning your career after matric is an exhilarating endeavour. A BCom Law degree is an excellent option if you want to work in law or business. 

This degree prepares you not only to work in the legal field but also in the commerce industry. This opens doors to various career opportunities and high-income potential. 

In this article, we will discuss what a BCom Law degree is. We will also examine the benefits of studying for this degree and the skills you will learn. 

What is a BCom Law degree?

A BCom Law degree is a business degree that equips you with knowledge and skills of commerce and the general rules and practices of the legal system. It combines theoretical and practical knowledge that enables you to get a career in law or commerce. 

Most BCom Law degrees will allow you to specialise in certain law subjects, such as accounting, e-commerce, business, or tax.

What type of skills will this degree provide?

Here are some skills you will learn when studying for a law degree.

  • Legal capabilities: When you complete your law degree, you will have a well-rounded and systematic knowledge of the structure of the South African legal system. You will understand the relationship between the subdisciplines of law, enabling you to work in many industries.
  • Research skills: During your studies, you will use legal texts and academic articles to source, identify, and select appropriate information to support statements, recommendations, and decisions you make.
  • Interpretation skills: You will learn to interpret advanced questions of law, including legal problems encountered during financial planning.
  • Communication skills: You will learn to articulate, contextualise, and appropriately communicate legal problems and solutions professionally. 

Benefits of studying a BCom Law degree

Law is a highly sought-after degree in South Africa because of its benefits. Below is a list of some of these benefits. 

1. Various career opportunities

A BCom Law degree allows students to go into two careers: Law and Commerce. Or students could also pursue a career that involves a combination of the two. 

Every commercial transaction has a legal implication. Therefore, an intersection between these two fields is critical in producing professionals with this specific combination.

A BCom Law degree prepares students to be employed as legal advisors, entrepreneurs, and managers in various industries. This includes finances, business operations, e-commerce, and more. The e-commerce industry alone is experiencing exponential growth in SA, not to mention all the other sectors.

This provides multiple career avenues to choose from. 

You could alternatively pursue a postgraduate LLB and become a legal practitioner or pursue a career in commerce.

2. High-income potential 

A BCom Law degree equips students with a desirable skillset to many potential employers. This means commerce students can attain better job opportunities with high-income potential. 

For example, if you step into a business manager position, you could earn between R22,000–R65,000 per month — depending on your exact title and employer. Discover the critical skills all business managers need

3. Improves self-confidence

Students who pursue this degree stand out to potential employers because of all the well-rounded skills and abilities they learn. This not only increases your marketability but also your self-confidence since you feel empowered. 

You will be seen as an adaptable and capable employee, which will help you move up the corporate ladder — and increase your confidence and self-esteem even more. 

4. Promotes entrepreneurship

Aside from opening the door to various career opportunities, a law degree teaches you the essential skills to become a successful entrepreneur. 

With a combination of business and law skills, you will be clear on the legalities surrounding starting a business and have the skills necessary to run and grow the business. 

What is the duration of the BCom Law degree?

The BCom Law degree takes three years to complete. 

The modules have a good mix of commercial and law subjects spread nicely over the three years. Special attention is given to ensuring a good balance between law and commerce so students can move into both fields. 

What are the minimum requirements for this degree?

To qualify for this degree, students need a National Senior Certificate with a Bachelor’s Degree admission or a relevant NQF level 4 qualification. If you are unsure what this looks like, contact us directly, and we will get back to you. 

Why choose REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL to study law?

REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL is an established independent institute of education with many years of experience.

Students at REGENT can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Tech-rich and future-focused education, including our iLead Lab and RED hub departments which focuses on employability.
  • Accredited and internationally recognised qualifications.
  • Accessible, affordable, and flexible higher education with different study options. This way, you can study even if you have other responsibilities.
  • Programs that focus on real-world skills development to ensure the best possible preparation for work.
  • Diversified student networking opportunities across Africa through Honoris United Universities.

Three years. Two career pathways. One degree. If you can’t decide on a career in law or business, keep both options open with our BCom in Law degree. Perfect for aspiring managers, entrepreneurs, or those who want to work in the legal sector.Enquire online today. A consultant is waiting to assist you.


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