BCom In Supply Chain Management – What The Industry Needs For Success

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Supply chain manager
With the competitive landscape rapidly growing, top notch business gurus claim that the fast-paced business world suffers a lack of supply chain management skills. A BCom in Supply Chain Management offers vast opportunities for your career. This degree is vital for industry success.

Why Choose A BCom in Supply Chain Management?

A BCom degree in Supply Chain Management offers a combination of theory and practice in the modern business world.

Acquire skills and competencies that you need to engage in the processes and inter-relationships across the business sectors.

What Does This BCom entail?

The BCom in Supply Chain Management illustrates the handling of the flow of goods and services from the raw materials and manufacturing of a product, to the consumption by the end user. It also includes the storage of raw materials and finished goods.

Every aspect of our lives are affected by the supply chain. Think about a loaf of bread made from wheat flour.

  1. First, the wheat is grown and harvested by a farmer, who uses supply chain principles in his business
  2. As he needs to store the wheat and transport it to the flour mill to produce flour, another set of supply chain principles apply.
  3. From the flour mill, the flour is transported to the bakery for the baking of bread,
  4. Another set of supply chain principles apply for the bread to be baked.
  5. Once the bread is baked it is distributed to retailers that sell to the consumer.

This whole process involves procurement of materials, manufacturing of goods, storage of raw materials and finished products and transportation of goods.

Set Yourself Up For Supply Chain Success With A BCom

At REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL a BCom Degree in Supply Chain management is designed to cater for the rapid pace of business and the integration of world economies. The course considers international trends in supply chain and is designed to meet the industry need for purchasing, supply chain and operations managers in all sectors.

What Can You Expect As A Supply Chain Management Graduate?

Once you complete your BCom in Supply Chain Management you would have acquired an understanding of the individual functional areas of business management and the role of Supply Chain Management in a business.

In addition, you would be able to demonstrate knowledge of modern integrated approaches to the management of material supply and services, knowledge of logistics management, financial management and have an understanding of the importance of business ethics.

Moreover, you would have developed a fundamental knowledge base of psychological process in the work context that contribute to the improvement of team dynamics and workplace efficiencies.

Career Growth In Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is undoubtedly one of the most evolving segments of a business and constantly challenges your strategic ability.

As a professional in Supply Chain Management, your role is crucial in finding innovative solutions to remain competitive and to optimise product supply to consumers. This becomes even more exciting as the world of work is changing and global markets are expanding. You have the opportunity to grow in your profession and eventually fulfil a role in senior management.

Catering for the working professional

Structured for both the student and working professional, the course structure will provide you with the required theory to grow in your career. You should already have an understanding of Supply Chain Management principles, which puts you in a favourable position to acquire additional knowledge relevant to your job function.

Specialisation in Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management involves several key functions such as purchasing, warehousing, forecasting, quality management, supplier development, logistics, customer relations and operations. You have the opportunity to hone your skills in any one of these disciplines if you intend to become a subject matter expert. This also offers you prospects of taking on a leadership role in one of these functions.

Your next steps toward success

Before you expend your energy and hard-earned income, ensure that your institution of choice complies to all the required accreditations and standards to ensure that a certain level of academic quality is maintained and that your newly acquired knowledge can indeed serve as the springboard to your next step up. 

With the aim of furthering your education and career options, we have positioned our BCom in Supply Chain Management  to sharpen your skills and design your future in such a way that what you study now will allow you entry into the next academic phase:  a REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL Post Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management qualification. 

You can however choose to redefine and design your future by capitalising on every opportunity.  At REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL, we offer the platform for your success and the encouragement to take the first step:  register now.

2022 Registrations are now open, register here

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