Benefits of Distance Learning

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BCOMAccWhether you are a post-graduate student wanting to study further while you are working, or a brand new student wanting a flexible learning solution, distance learning offers a number of advantages. One of the biggest benefits offered by this type of study system is its accessibility. Students are able to study from anywhere in the world, with the help of an internet connection and computer. As courses are completed in virtual classrooms or completed via correspondence, students do not have to be physically present at a designated location in order to study.

In the case of business qualifications, this accessibility makes it possible for students to work full-time while studying further. For organisations, this offers an excellent way to maximise employee skills and talents without losing valuable working hours. For students, this offers a way to balance work, studies and other life areas more easily.

Advantages of Distance Learning

The advantages of distance learning include the following:

  1. Flexible study hours. Students can study in their own time – after working hours, for a few hours during the day or over weekends. This means that studies can fit around regular responsibilities, without sacrificing time for work, family or learning. As long as students are able to self-motivate and stay on track, a flexible study schedule can make it possible to achieve career dreams while juggling multiple responsibilities.
  1. Accessible learning. For students who live far away from any learning institutions, studying can become almost impossible unless accommodation and transport are readily available. Remote learning takes down barriers to education that are caused by distance, making it possible for anyone, anywhere to study further with the help of a computer and internet connection.
  1. Fast-tracked career growth. In today’s competitive business world, qualified employees have a distinct advantage. Short courses, full length degrees and various other distance qualifications make it easier to advance your career, while working your way up the corporate ladder. Mature students and those with families can also continue to grow without losing valuable income.
  1. Value to employers. As we briefly mentioned earlier, this type of learning also offers benefits to companies and employers. Students who study further in their own time without losing out on day to day work are a valuable asset to companies who want to capitalise on the increased skills offered by additional qualifications such as MBA or qualifications in specific skill areas such as marketing or administration.
  1. Update skills and enhance potential. For students wanting to change career, update an existing qualification or increase skills within a specific area, studying remotely on a part-time or full-time basis can be an excellent way to do so without giving up current work responsibilities. Small business owners, entrepreneurs, stay at home moms, mature students and post-graduates can all take advantage of the flexibility of this style of study to learn and grow personally and professionally.

With all of the benefits offered by long distance learning, it is no surprise that this form of study is fast becoming one of the best ways to expand skills and further careers in a flexible, rewarding way.


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