Should I Change Institutions for Postgrad?

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postgraduate studiesNot sure whether you ought to change universities to complete your postgrad studies? This can be a somewhat daunting thought for some students, especially after a long and fruitful few years as an undergrad. And, while you may want to change because that undergrad time was less fruitful than you had hoped, there are many other reasons that could trigger a change of business schools.

What reasons would you have for changing, and what else should you know about making the move to a different postgrad institution?

Reasons to Change Postgrad Schools

Just because you completed your degree or diploma at one school, it does not mean you have to stay there forever to complete your postgraduate programme, too. You could theoretically study wherever you like, provided you have done your research on costs, benefits and course options. Some reasons that you may want to change institutions for postgrad could include the following:

  1. You want to study through distance learning instead of at a traditional campus. Making the move from on-campus school to off-campus or remote school is one of the biggest reasons that students decide to change universities. There are numerous benefits to taking the distance education route, not least including safety, flexibility and the chance to work while you finish your studies.
  1. You want to focus on a specific sector or niche. If you want to find a more intensive commercial qualification, you may decide to move from a large, generalised institute to a more specialised business school that focuses on courses that are more in line with your goals. This move is strategic, and can help you find courses that may be better completed at a school that is geared toward your chosen career path.
  1. You were not too happy with your undergrad school. Of course, you may find that you don’t want to return to a school that did not meet your expectations. You may have gotten the qualification, but if your time spent there are an undergrad was miserable, it stands to reason that you might not want to risk a repeat performance as a postgrad. Just be sure that your choice is also based on course options and support as well as personal feelings.
  1. You want to do a course that is only offered at selected schools. Sometimes, you may find that your old school simply does not offer the course you want to take. Some establishments are smaller than others, while others take a broader approach to education, making it harder to include some of the more specialised fields. As we covered in the second point, a more specialised school may be your best bet in this instance.
  1. Your goals have changed since your undergrad days. What you look for in an establishment might also have changed since those early days as a brand new student. You may find that reliable support is more important than being where your friends are, for example. Or, you may find that a remote campus works better for your current lifestyle than on-campus classes. You need to find what is right for you right now, and that may not be what was right for you a few years before.

distance learning graduatesThe good news is that making the change to a learning establishment that is just right for your needs is a lot easier than it seems. Here at REGENT Cape Town, we offer a combination of carefully chosen postgraduate programmes, efficient support and a wide range of interactive remote learning tools that make achieving your educational dreams more possible than ever before. To find out more about changing postgrad school, contact us on 27 (21) 671-7005 or [email protected] today.


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