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REGENT Business School’s Interest in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship has a pivotal role to play in sustainable development and poverty eradication. It has the potential to stimulate economic growth through job creation; help formalise businesses; create opportunities for and thereby empower disadvantaged groups such as youth and women; and strengthen local productive capacity by developing linkages with transnational corporations and thereby indirectly maximize the impact of foreign investment. It also has the potential to contribute to socio-economic development by promoting fairness in opportunity and gender equality.

Entrepreneurship can also have a significant impact on job creation. According to International Labour Organization (ILO) projections, 500 million new jobs will need to be created by 2020 in order to provide fuller employment. Developing countries will require more than 90 per cent of these jobs, presenting an unprecedented challenge for emerging economies in Africa.

Graduation 2018

On Saturday 14 April 2018 REGENT Business School, a private leading management and business education provider and a member institution of Honoris United Universities, hosted its Graduation Ceremony at the International Conference Centre in Durban. The event commenced at 11h00. Professor Marvin Kambuwa, the principal, officiated at the ceremony. Other keynote speakers and special guests from our partner Honoris United Universities institutions were also in attendance.

As is normal, this ostentatious ceremony witnessed the culmination of hard work when hundreds of students were richly rewarded for their academic effort as they walked on stage to receive their just reward, especially in the presence of their emotionally charged parents and other loved ones.

In total 1141 students graduated. Whilst the majority of our graduates hail from the Southern African region, a reasonable number of graduates are from other regions of Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

Students graduated in key programmes which include the Bachelor of Commerce Degrees, Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degrees, Diplomas, Higher Certificates, Post Graduate Diplomas and the MBA Degree. This is a major milestone in the history of REGENT Business School, especially given that the institution has been producing quality graduates since its humble beginnings.

Many of the students received their diplomas, certificates and degrees with Cum Laude awards – a noteworthy achievement for both the students and REGENT Business School. In addition some graduates will be receiving their diplomas, certificates and degrees with Meritorious Awards.


REGENT Responds To The Cape Town Water Crisis


Make a donation today and contribute by making a tangible difference to the water we all need for sustaining life. Water is the Key to Life

All over the world people have ignored warnings of water insecurity and unfortunately the City of Cape Town has been seriously affected by a drought. It will probably be the first city in the world to run out of water.

The executive mayor of Cape Town has warned citizens that the city is “very likely” to run out of water in April. After two years of drought which saw rain at about one-third of normal levels, reservoirs supplying the city are running dry. Calls to limit individual consumption to 87 litres per day have, say the authorities, been ignored by three-fifths of the people living in greater Cape Town – which has 3.7 million people. It would seem that some people do not care and are sending Cape Town towards DAY ZERO. It is the date on which the city will run dry. It was initially set at 21 April 2018, but has since been moved forward to 12 April 2018.
On 12 April the water supply will be turned off and Cape Town will become the first major city in the world to run dry after failing to mitigate the consequences of drought.

Day Zero is the day that almost all of the taps in the city will be turned off and the population will have to queue for water. The drought and associated water shortage has officially escalated to the level of a Disaster. The hope for a natural solution ended with the close of the main rainy season in September, and it is clear that water in the dams supplying the city will not last until the next rains in May-June next year.

Contribute towards the Procurement of Water to Save Lives in Cape Town
REGENT Business School as part of its Social Responsibility will be responding to the plight of the citizens of Cape Town in partnership with the Gift of the Givers Organisation. An earnest appeal is made to all Staff, Students and Well-wishers to donate cash towards this unfortunate crisis. The Gift of the Givers Organisation will take the responsibility of procuring water and provide the necessary logistics to deliver to Cape Town.

Please make your invaluable contribution in cash towards this most worthy cause – sustaining life on earth.

Institute for Entrepreneurship Brochure

Entrepreneurship is the habitus or spirit of REGENT Business School. We believe in the power of entrepreneurship to tackle global and local challenges, transform rural and urban communities, close the opportunity gap, create jobs, spur economic development and most importantly empower individuals and communities to confront the dreaded problems of inequality and poverty.

REGENT Business School signs an MOU with the Egyptian Higher Education Ministry


Media Release

REGENT Business School signs an MOU with the Egyptian Higher Education Ministry

14 December 2017

REGENT Business School signs an MOU with the Egyptian Higher Education Ministry

REGENT Business School, a member of the Honoris United Universities, has cemented its position as a leading distance-learning institution in Africa by signing a memorandum of understanding with Egypt’s Higher Education Ministry. The MoU was signed during the recently held “Africa 2017” Conference in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. This paves the way for the establishment of a campus in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

South African trade and industry representatives together with the South African diplomatic staff based in Egypt joined the senior government delegation from Egypt to witness the MOU that was signed by Ahmed Shaikh, Managing Director of REGENT Business School, and the Egyptian Minister of Higher Education, His Excellency, Dr Khaled Abdel-Ghaffer on Saturday, 9 December 2017. Representative from SA’s Department of Trade and Industry, Lerato Mataboge, SA Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, V.W. Mavimbela, a representative from the Egyptian Ministry of Trade, Dr Sherif el Kholy, Actis and cabinet members from the Egyptian government were present during the signing ceremony.

Headquartered in Durban, South Africa, REGENT Business School already has a global footprint and the opening of a campus in Egypt plugs into its vision of providing quality, internationally-recognised, supported distance learning education.

Managing Director of REGENT Business School, Ahmed Shaikh, added, “We are thrilled to be establishing our presence in a promising and vibrant country like Egypt.  The programmes we offer at REGENT Business School are benchmarked against internationally recognized programmes and are unique in that they suitably fit the requirements of the local job market.  Our undergraduate and postgraduate offerings are designed to equip students – Africa’s current and future leaders – with theoretical and practical expertise in the fields of business administration, commerce, management and leadership, entrepreneurship, and educational management so they can make a strong contribution in shaping our continent’s future.”

The institution’s expansion into North Africa follows its assimilation into the Honoris United Universities group in July this year. “Egypt was the preferred country to form an association because of its many similarities especially the preferred spoken language being English, making the delivery of its programmes easier,” explains Shaikh.

The Cairo campus will open for business during the first quarter of 2018. For more information, visit

*Honoris United Universities and its member institutions will continue with their quest to create pan-regional profile graduates with cross-border academic and work experience to be competitive in today’s fast-paced and demanding labour markets.

Images: Provided

Captions:  Ahmed Shaikh, the MD of REGENT Business School signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the Egyptian Minister of Higher Education, Dr Khaled Abdel-Gaffer. In attendance are Lerato Mataboge (far right, The Department of Trade and Industry South Africa), Mr V W Mavimbela (SA Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary). Dr Sahar Nasr Minister of Trade Egypt, a representative from Egyptian Government and Dr Sherif el Kholy partner-Actis




REGENT Business School is launching its distance-learning MBA in North Africa with two of its partner institutions from the Honoris United Universities pan African higher education network. The Global Pan-Africa MBA will be launched this week by Université Centrale Group in Tunisia and the Université Mundiapolis in Morocco.

REGENT Business School is a leading distance-mode management education provider in Southern Africa. The Global Pan-African MBA focuses on enhancing management and leadership skills in the African continent. The continent has a huge skills deficit and in particular, there is a dearth of management expertise. An MBA is internationally acknowledged as a means of fast-tracking the development of leaders and managers to meet these demands. Internationally, the MBA is recognised as the premier business qualification and it has stood the test of time in transforming people into high-level decision makers and agents of progress.

The MBA is aimed at contributing to enhancing leadership and management skills whilst developing the socio-economic environment of the African continent. The core curriculum of the MBA programme primarily deals with generic global business and management issues. It is unique in that, all core courses are embedded with reading material and case studies that are Africa-centric. In addition, global problems and challenges such as Sustainability, Governance, Political Economy and Ethics are included in the core curriculum. The MBA programme will also offer electives in Islamic Banking, Health Care Management,  Doing Business in Africa,  Emerging Markets and the Digital  Economy.

REGENT Business School’s intention is to shape and nurture socially responsible entrepreneurs, public and private sector managers and leaders for the renaissance of emerging economies.

The MBA has been benchmarked with many international institutions’ programmes, including business schools in Africa. This standard enables students with sufficient and relevant work experience and appropriate qualifications to further develop their functional and reflective competencies in business management and administration. The MBA will also enable students in the private and the public sectors to develop in-depth, advanced discipline-specific skills and applied competencies that will provide them with opportunities for personal intellectual growth, more purposeful employment, and the ability to make a meaningful contribution to society.

“REGENT Business School is delighted to launch this exciting initiative and supports the concept of collaborative intelligence, cultural agility, mobile mindsets which are at the heart of Honoris’ vision of higher education,” says Ahmed Shaikh, MD of REGENT BUSINESS School.

This Pan African association with Honoris United Universities has enabled REGENT Business School to expand its footprint in North Africa becoming an international cross-border institution. RBS is also actively exploring some academic collaboration projects in Egypt which will allow REGENT Business School to work with dynamic and leading CEOs, managers and entrepreneurs across the North African markets of Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco” declares, Luis Lopez, Ceo of Honoris network.

Honoris United Universities harnesses the collaborative intelligence and the pioneering efforts of these institutions to educate Africa’s next generations of leaders and professionals.

In essence, the Honoris United Universities and its member institutions will continue with its quest to create pan-regional profile graduates with cross-border academic and work experience to be competitive in today’s fast-paced and demanding labour markets.

About Honoris United Universities

Honoris United Universities is the first private pan-African higher education network committed to preparing and educating the next generation of African leaders and professionals able to impact regionally in a globalized world.  Collaborative intelligence, cultural agility and mobile mindsets and skills are at the heart of Honoris’ vision of higher education. Honoris United Universities joins the expertise of its member institutions to create pan-regional profile graduates that are competitive in today’s fast-paced and demanding labour markets.

Honoris United Universities gathers a community of 27,000 students on 48 campuses, learning centres and on-line, in 9 countries and 30 cities across Africa.  More than 100 degrees are offered in the fields of Health Science, Engineering, IT, Business, Law, Architecture, Arts and Design, Media, Education and Political Science.

Honoris United Universities.  Education For Impact™.







The Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) General Degree programme offered by REGENT Business School (RBS) has been formally recognised by the Financial Services Board (FSB) of South Africa and amended to the list of approved qualifications. The qualification is listed under various categories including but not limited to Insurance, Security and Investments, Pension Benefits, Long and short term deposits, Compliance and Assisted business.

The RBS BCom Degree programme inculcates the core functional modules of a commerce qualification which also allows the student to select from the various modules below as areas of specialisation:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • Retail Management
  • Information Technology
  • Health Management


Please contact the RBS team via:

Tel     : (+27) 11 482 1404
Email :


Tel:    : (+27) 31 304 4626
Email :

REGENT Business School (proud member of Honoris United Universities) announce sponsorship of international scholarships



Honoris United Universities has announced that it will be providing sponsorships for two graduates (through its sponsors) from any of the 7 Honoris United Universities (including REGENT Business School) to complete a postgraduate qualification at the world’s leading educational establishments.

The graduates will have the opportunity to apply for these scholarships to study at world-class institutions (such as University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, or a Russell Group University in the UK or at an Ivy League or similarly prestigious university in the US). The first beneficiaries of the scholarship are expected to start in October 2018.

Luis Lopez, CEO of Honoris United Universities, said: “These scholarships embody the international mobility and collaborative intelligence at the core of Honoris United Universities’ values. We are proud to be forming Africa’s next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders by providing high quality, accessible education. We are delighted that our graduates will benefit from this opportunity to further widen their horizons and we firmly believe that they will also offer fantastic perspectives, forged in Africa, to these leading establishments.”

The eligibility criteria for the International Scholarship is listed below:

 Eligibility criteria for the International Scholarship

Step 1: the student must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Be enrolled on a postgraduate programme or have completed a postgraduate programme at REGENT Business School;
  • Have an excellent academic dossier (top 10% of graduating class, with cum laude)
  • Fill in the application form
  • Submit a record of extra-curricular activities in support of application for a specific programme;
  • Exhibit maturity and sense of responsibility as assessed by a personal statement;
  • Submit 3 letters of recommendation, at least two from academics or employers sources who know the candidate well;
  • Undergo an interview by the institution’s pre-selection committee (if you are selected);
  • Apply for a programme  at the chosen university if you are selected  (such as University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, or a Russell Group University in the UK or at an Ivy League or similarly prestigious university in the US)
  • Pass the chosen university entrance exams as required;
  • Pass all standardized tests required by the postgraduate programme
  • Application must be received at REGENT Business School by 30 November 2017. Applications should be send to

Step 2: students satisfying the above criteria will be pre-selected by Honoris United Universities Selection Committee.

Step 3: Final acceptance is a prerogative of the chosen university

Download the application form below

application form