E-Commerce: Starting Your Online Business


Duration: 8- 12 hours


Online business has created a huge shift in business practise.
In a busy world, online shopping has freed up time for family and leisure.

Quality of life and ease of shopping has improved drastically.
Online business has created financial freedom never experienced before.
Lower overheads, lower bank loans, lower staff requirements and higher customer reachability. 

The course will begin with a brief history of how E-Commerce has evolved in a very short period of time and prepares you with the tools you require to start your own online business.


  • Define what an online business is and be familiar with its history
  • Understand the benefits of an online business and the planning required to starting and running an online business
  • Identify a niche market and devise ways to build an E-Commerce website
  • Comprehend what a payment gateway implementation involves and how it functions
  • Outline features of a shipping strategy
  • Identify key E-commerce features for website development
  • Choose an appropriate E-Commerce platform for an online business
  • Interpret digital marketing and examine possible digital marketing tools that can be implemented
  • Explain what SEO is and how it works
  • Discuss strategies to build an online brand and how to increases conversion rates

Course Structure

This course comprises of three units, with each unit providing theoretical and practical insights, video explainers, and case studies to support learning.

Module 1

Serves as an introduction to setting up an online business. This module
encompasses a definition and brief history of its development, as well as outlines the benefits of managing and investing in an online business.

Module 2

Provides a guideline to starting and running an online business and discusses key factors to consider when developing a business website.

Module 3

Discusses digital marketing tools to building an online brand. This module also provides insight on Search Engine Optimisation and discusses key design factors which lead to conversion.

We trust that you would enjoy the course!

Each unit also comprises of a simple self-assessment to measure self-knowledge.​

Additional information

  • Unlimited course attempts
  • Certification awarded (PDF to download)

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