Foster a Happy Workplace


Duration: 8- 12 hours


This course begins by defining happiness in the workplace and explaining how happiness at work improves the performance of individual employees and organizations as a whole. Further, it presents how happiness can increase innovation, productivity, engagement, retention, and the overall quality of work deliverables. It then explores factors that empirical research has related to workplace happiness, zeroing in on practices such as gratitude, developing a strong sense of purpose, and forming authentic, cooperative connections with others. The course highlights common barriers to workplace happiness, both at an individual and cultural level.


By completing this course, you will develop a broad understanding of the following content matter and should be able to:

  • Identify why happiness matters and the features of a happy workplace.
  • Discuss both advantages and barriers to a happy workplace.
  • Evaluate and measure levels of workplace happiness.
  • Summarize practical ways to boost happiness for workers.
  • Illustrate burnout and how to prevent it.
  • Illustrate to managers the benefits of employing the right people.
  • Discuss the difference between diversity and inclusion and the benefits of inclusion policies.
  • Identify ways to motivate staff teams.

Course Structure

This course presents a practical framework for workplace happiness and explores accessible techniques to:

a) Evaluate happiness in an organization

b) Create an effective strategy to increase workplace happiness

c) Implement that strategy in your own work life, within your team, or across the culture of your organization, with special tips for workplace leaders

Additional information

  • Unlimited course attempts
  • Certification awarded (PDF to download)

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