Introduction to Design Thinking


Duration: 8- 12 hours


Every innovative company in the world works on new products and services and almost all of them use some form of Design Thinking. Whether one is a designer, a product manager, an engineer, a teacher, or involved in most other professions, they will be talking about Design Thinking. It is everywhere; it has been around for the last 20 years and is becoming more and more popular. It is therefore important to really understand what Design Thinking is. This course will introduce you to the concept of design thinking as well as its best practices and methods.


By completing this course, you will develop a broad understanding of the following content matter and should be able to:

  • Explain what Design Thinking is
  • Understand the benefits organisations derive from utilising Design Thinking
  • Identify the mindset of a design thinker
  • Illustrate how Design Thinking drives innovation and creativity
  • Discuss the part empathy plays in the Design Thinking process
  • Explain how to define the problem that requires resolution
  • Elucidate what ideation and its essential techniques are
  • Expound on prototyping, its methods and best practices in Design Thinking
  • Understand testing of the prototype and obtaining feedback
  • Appreciate the importance of storytelling in enhancing stakeholder buy in
  • Discuss Design Thinking in the workplace
  • Understand the challenges Design Thinking addresses
  • Realise the employment opportunities of Design Thinking

Course Structure

This course comprises of three units, with each unit providing theoretical and practical insights, video explainers and case studies to support the learning process

Module 1

Module one serves as an introduction to Design Thinking. It explains what Design Thinking is, the value it brings to today’s businesses, the mindset of a design thinker, an overview of the Design Thinking process, as well as how Design Thinking drives innovation and creativity.

Module 2

Module two provides guidelines on how an organisation can apply Design Thinking to enhance its business by utilising the five steps in the Design Thinking process. It includes the importance of storytelling to get the message across.

Module 3

Module three discusses Design Thinking in the workplace. It examines the challenges Design Thinking addresses, how to convince leadership that is reluctant to embrace Design Thinking, as well as how best to manage culture change in the organisation. It concludes with career opportunities in Design Thinking.

Additional information

  • Unlimited course attempts
  • Certification awarded (PDF to download)

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