8 Advanced Corporate Training Trends to Implement This Year

Today, it has become more critical than ever before for businesses to offer training and development solutions to their employees.

Amidst global challenges that are localised in context during the prevailing economic climate – it is critical for employers to align their employees through organisational optimisation. This ensures that the right employees are given the right jobs and that career pathing is achieved through meaningful upskilling and reskilling.  


As the business world continues to evolve through increased competition and economic pressures – employees must upskill and reskill to help ensure sustainability and profitability. 

This article will define corporate training, explain why it’s essential, and cover eight of the latest corporate training trends you don’t want to miss out on this year. 

What is corporate training, and why do you need it?

Corporate training, also known as corporate education is a system of training sessions, activities, and learning material designed to educate employees. It helps employers and employees by equipping workers with advanced skills to help develop the organisation. 

There are many reasons why corporate training is vital in today’s competitive world. Corporate training helps: 

  • Enhance workers’ skills and knowledge so that they can deliver better results. 
  • Reduce employee turnover rates since studies show that 94% of employees say they would stay longer at a company if they offered learning opportunities. 
  • Allows companies and their workforce to stay updated with the latest trends and industry developments. 
  • Increases workplace productivity and allows processes to run more seamlessly. 
  • Enhances business reputation and builds strong brand authority. 
  • Ensures that quality standards are always maintained so businesses can remain relevant and competitive. 

Now that you know how vital corporate education is, let’s look at some of the top corporate training trends shaping the business world as we know it.  

Corporate training trends to watch out for this year

Here are the top eight corporate training trends you need to implement in your business as soon as possible. 

1. Online e-learning classes

It’s no longer necessary to bring employees into the office to train them. 

With the advancement in technology, you can now give digital course access to employees so that they can study, review, and implement without ever having to come into the brick-and-mortar building. 

Thus, e-learning makes the learning process much more efficient and provides employees with all the learning material they could possibly need to succeed in your organisation. 

2. BYOD mobile training

Many businesses are using mobile training platforms that enable their employees to train during their time in the office, commuting, and at home. 

While many companies are still trying to provide their employees with company cell phones, many have started to incorporate the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend, where employees can access the training on their personal cellular devices. 

3. Hybrid corporate learning

Hybrid learning is a form of office learning that accommodates both in-office and remote workers at the same time. It’s a synchronous form of learning where some employees can join the training session in-person while others join virtually. 

Hybrid training sessions are instructor-led and happen in real-time. Additionally, the instructor can provide learning material on the video conferencing platform that both in-person and remote workers can access for the purpose of the training. 

4. Virtual-reality (VR) learning in the workplace

Virtual-reality devices offer employees in high-risk industries, such as mining, construction, and manufacturing, an ideal platform to train with minimal risk. 

It allows them to get used to the work environment without putting themselves or their co-workers in danger. This way, when employees make mistakes, they can be corrected in the safe environment of the office to make it less likely for these mistakes to occur in the field. 

5. Corporate language training

Companies that are planning to expand internationally are investing in employee language training. 

While learning a new language is the main aim of this type of training, it also helps build other essential skills workers can use in various contexts, such as problem-solving and critical thinking. It also improves employees’ attention spans and enhances their creativity. 

6. Upskilling and reskilling

This corporate education trend will help your employees stay competitive in the workplace. 

  • Upskilling helps your workforce develop skills that are helpful for the future, so they’re equipped to take on greater responsibility along with enhanced management and leadership roles.  
  • Reskilling equips employees with a new set of skills that complement their current set of skills and enable them to perform additional duties.

This form of training helps bridge the gap and prepare them for how roles change as time progresses. 

REGENT Business School offers excellent Upskilling and Reskilling Solutions to help your workforce stay on top of the game. 

7. Cloud-collaborative project learning

Cloud-based collaborative software has become an essential part of businesses across the globe — whether employees work in the office or remotely. 

To get employees to work collaboratively, companies implement cloud-collaborative project learning in two ways: 

  1. A group of new recruits is tasked with working on a single project using cloud-based software. This way, they effectively learn to work as a team online. By working together, they’ll learn how to take notes, create better processes, and access necessary documentation. 
  2. A new employee can be introduced to a project, where they’ll get to know their team members and learn their processes. 

8. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training

Many organisations are turning towards in-depth training to eliminate bias at different levels of their companies.

DEI training forces leaders to take a look at their workforce and workplace practices and build awareness of how their unconscious absence of cultural awareness influences their teams. 

This type of training allows employees and company leaders to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce, creating a positive work environment and, consequently, increasing profitability. 

Ready to start implementing corporate solutions into your organisation?

The importance of corporate training can’t be overstated. Ensuring that your company remains relevant and competitive will be key to maintaining sustained profitability and business continuity.

REGENT offers Corporate Training and Development Solutions that’ll help you upskill, reskill, and manage your workforce effectively to drive your business forward with a future-fit workforce.


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