Considering a Career in Logistics and Supply Chain Management?

In a globalised and fast-moving international marketplace, logistics and supply chain management are more important than ever, and these knowledge and skills are more and more in demand in businesses in both the private and public sector.

The Importance of Supply Chain Management

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the critical role of effective distribution systems. Excellent products need equally efficient logistics to reach their potential. Supply chain management, essential in any global marketplace, requires a deep understanding of logistics, technology, and strategic planning. It’s a sector where continuous learning and adaptation are key.

What is Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management involves detailed processes integral to production and distribution. It requires a blend of knowledge in technology, transportation, and operational strategy. Success in this field means keeping up with rapidly advancing technologies and complex global networks.

REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL is a leader in education in this field, offering a doorway into this exciting and rewarding career with programmes for all levels of education, whether candidates are fresh out of high school or have been working in supply chain operations for years.

Depending on whether you fit the entry requirements, a higher certificate, bachelor’s degree or postgraduate diploma programme can ensure you remain up to date on the latest techniques and approaches in this dynamic sector.

Why Choose a Career in Supply Chain Management?

A career in logistics and supply chain management offers vast opportunities for growth and specialisation. From warehousing to shipping, the field spans various sub-sectors. It opens doors to diverse workplaces, including government agencies, NGOs, and businesses of all sizes. Skills in logistics also transfer to other areas like management, financial planning, and forecasting.

Programmes Offered at REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL:

Higher Certificate in Supply Chain Management:

Duration: 1 Year
Admission Requirements: National Senior Certificate (NSC) with Higher Certificate Admission, NQF 4, or equivalent.

Ideal for industry professionals and school leavers, this program covers the fundamentals and practical aspects of supply chain management.

Bachelor of Commerce in Supply Chain Management:

Duration: 3 Years
Admission Requirements: NSC with Bachelor’s Degree admission, “A” or “O” level certificate, or NQF Qualification (or equivalent).

This comprehensive program addresses key global business issues and equips students with in-depth operational skills.

Postgraduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management:

Duration: 1 Year
Admission Requirements: Bachelor’s degree, advanced diploma or equivalent, plus 2 years of managerial work experience.

Aimed at professionals, this program focuses on digitisation and advanced technologies in supply chain management.

Why choose supply chain management?

With the right education and experience behind you, a career in logistics can be both financially and personally rewarding, offering a multitude of different opportunities for specialisation. Within the field of logistics, some pursue sub-sector expertise in various functions like warehousing, shipping, wholesaling and more. Places of employment are equally varied, ranging from government departments and NGOs to large corporations or small, family-owned businesses.

Many logisticians use their skills to eventually enter other fields, using their valuable skills to explore the fields of general management, workflow optimisation, financial planning, forecasting, and more.

Enroll Now and Shape Your Future

Interested in a career in supply chain management? Discover more about our qualifications and enrollment process at REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL. Embark on a rewarding journey in this vital and evolving field with REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL.


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