The benefits of studying remotely

distance learning benefits

Unpacking the benefits of studying remotely through distance learning

The year 2020 has shone a spotlight on the digital world more intensely than ever before. Due to the global pandemic, education systems from schools to universities and everything in-between have been forced to adapt their structures to fit the “new normal.” With a rise in flexible options for aspiring students, we unpack the benefits of studying remotely.

Online learning is not a new concept by any means but has now become an increasingly popular option among students both locally and internationally. Regardless, students often have apprehensions over committing to distance learning as they lack clarity on the pros and cons surrounding it. At its core, distance learning means engaging with learning materials away from a physical campus.

There are usually forms of tutorial support in a virtual learning environment, along with student forums, regular email updates and other digital platforms. Universities spend time and resources to make sure that distance learning programmes are of the same standard as campus-based qualifications. Before choosing your preferred method of study, it is important to get an understanding of the benefits of distance learning:


Perhaps one the biggest allures of studying remotely is the flexibility that it affords students’ time allocation. Whether a student lives too far away from campus to make daily trips or they’re travelling around the world, remote access to learning opens up the option to adapt your studies to suit your lifestyle, not the other way around.

When students choose to study remotely, they remain independent and it empowers them to organise their schedules as they like. This is also an opportunity to develop their time management skills by allowing them to test out what planning methods work best and how to build a customised calendar.

Maintaining Career Focus

Online programmes offer benefits to both employers and employees. People that already have a position in a company can expand on their skills part-time while still being able to earn a salary. Investing in your career on the go allows for both practical experience and theoretical knowledge to blend.

From an employer’s perspective, this allows an employee to continue adding value to their company while growing, as opposed to sacrificing one for the other. Additionally, distance learning can be the ideal tool for those looking to make a career switch. It allows for an easier transition while still being able to afford living expenses and pay for studies.

Streamlined Curriculum

To keep up with versatile learning environments, distance learning programmes must be innovative in their approach and adapt to student’s needs. Part of being agile and modern includes streamlined answers to questions via live class text chat or on class forums where lecturers can provide near instant feedback.

Teaching styles and course structures continue to evolve so that they can maintain alignment with the required industry standards appropriate to each course. The curriculum is continually refined to maintain industry-relevant content and make sure that new graduates have applicable and necessary knowledge for their chosen job industry.

Shortening the Countdown to Graduation

More and more tertiary education facilities are offering students intensive post-graduate, honours and masters courses that allow them to graduate earlier. Now students can decide to focus on getting a job sooner or being able to get back to focusing on their career.

Of course, this means that students would give up more time per day in order to make up the time needed to effectively work through the course material at a faster rate. When teaching time is compressed, it allows for lecturers of different qualifications to focus on giving students the essentials and allowing them to then go more in-depth in their own time.

Saving time and money

For any given qualification, the fee for a distance learning course may be much more affordable than that of a regular on-campus experience. Students who are looking for more economically viable options may benefit greatly form remote studying options. With the economic state of the world having taken a blow this year, it is expected that online learning will see a steady rise in popularity.

Less need to travel daily means less traffic. Less traffic means less money spent on fuel and less time wasted that could be used in other constructive ways. With distance learning, your classroom is wherever you want it to be. Whether that looks like your bedroom, garden, a coffee shop or somewhere far from home. For students that never feel like they have enough time in a day, distance education offers versatility and breathing room.

At the end of the day, distance learning is providing students with greater comfort and versatility while saving them time and money. The many benefits of studying remotely revolve around adaptive teaching facilities that will only continue to grow with technological advancements and flexibility to suit the lives of many different kinds of students, from fresh matriculants and early career starters to parents and experienced professionals.

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