5 Reasons to Consider a Career in Islamic Finance

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higher certificate in islamic financeAn alternative to traditional finance, Islamic Finance is growing at a rapid rate. Current estimates put the market at a value of over $1.1 trillion. Along with a rapid growth rate, a growing need for professionals in the field and the demand for ethical financing, it goes without saying that this field offers plenty of opportunity.

The REGENT Higher Certificate in Islamic Finance, Banking and Law is an excellent starting point for anyone wanting to consider a career in this field. This one year course caters to both Muslim and Non-Muslim students who have an interest in the field, offering a comprehensive overview of practices, principles and comparison of Sharia and secular laws. The course provides students with unique management skills and knowledge, along with a wide range of career opportunities in South Africa and abroad.

Top Reasons to Pursue a Career in Islamic Finance

What are some of the benefits offered by Islamic Banking and Finance qualifications? Top advantages include the following:

  1. Deeper knowledge and understanding of this field of finance. Students will learn extensively about financial laws as applied to Islamic beliefs and laws. This will allow the ability to apply general as well as Islamic financial concepts within the world of corporate banking and business.
  2.  Increased ability to critically evaluate market behaviour within the scope of Islamic banks. From performance to organisation behaviour, students will begin to understand the effects that trends have on the market.
  3. Career opportunities all over the world. Both Muslim and Non-Muslim students will have the benefit of a constantly growing, evolving field that is ripe with opportunities. Banks, corporate businesses and financial institutions are just some of the places seeking qualified experts in this field.
  4. Full awareness and understanding of products offered within this sector. Students will be equipped to recognise the wide products offered by the industry with the help of a Higher Certificate. This serves as a good introduction to those new to the field.

As the world continues to grow and change, new ways of doing business also continue to change. Islamic Banking may not be new, but it certainly offers a modern, exciting and highly rewarding alternative to traditional finance.

Interested in learning more about our Islamic Finance certificate? Speak to REGENT Business School for details!


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