Finweek and MBA survey places REGENT Business School amongst the best!

Finweek, the country’s largest circulating business magazine in collaboration with commissioned “”, an international award-winning online feedback platform, to carry out the first nationwide MBA Life Impact Survey.

The research was aimed at answering the fundamental question: “Should I do the MBA or not?”

The survey assessed different areas in examining the impact of an MBA on one’s career, future remuneration, family, and work-life balance, as well as psychological intangibles (such as status, confidence and leadership development). It also served to provide an answer to “which business school is strongest in these areas (and hence offers the best value for the student)

All accredited business schools in South Africa were invited to participate in the research.

Alumni and current students were surveyed using a questionnaire that examined many different aspects ranging from whether they had made the right choice, to career advancement, increasing job effectiveness, impact on the industry and the influence in starting their own businesses.

REGENT Business School was placed amongst the best and often topped the survey questions with favourable student ratings. The results clearly indicate student satisfaction and REGENT Business School’s commitment to quality in delivery, rightfully placing them amongst the very best.

Visit via the following link where the comprehensive report inclusive of questions, responses and reviews can be viewed:

Some of the questions topped by REGENT Business School were:

•   Schools with the highest % of respondents saying they had definitely made the right choice to do an MBA (average =86%)
•   Schools with the highest scores in increasing job effectiveness.
•   Schools with the highest scores in giving credibility in business.
•   Schools with the highest scores for impact of the MBA in changing industries
•   Schools with the highest scores for influence of the MBA in starting your own business
•   Schools with the highest percentage of respondents saying the MBA was definitely worth what they paid
•   Schools with the shortest average payback period amongst those who thought the MBA was worth it
•   Schools with highest scores for changing the outlook of students
•   Schools with the highest scores for increasing confidence and self-belief
•   Schools with the highest scores for elevating status amongst friends
•   Schools with the highest scores for helping people become better leaders in their personal lives
•   Schools with the highest % of mentions of the Attainment of Business Knowledge theme.
•   Schools with the highest % of mentions of the New Thinking & Challenging Perceptions theme

REGENT also was rated in having the least impact in:

•   Students needing to take leave to study the MBA.
•   Students reporting a negative impact on their marriage.
•   Students reporting a negative impact on their relationship with friends and family.
•   Students reporting a negative impact on their exercise levels.
•   Students reporting negative impact on their participation in recreation or hobbies.

Here are some of the contributions to the survey from the REGENT Business School’s MBA students:

“It was a life changing experience from the general outlook in life to the nuts and bolts of running a business/organisation as well as developing leadership skills the work environment. It also made me recognised and respected in the relationships that that I have created with my colleagues, friends and other business people.” (Current MBA Student, REGENT )

On the REGENT MBA Programme

• “The MBA crystallises knowledge gained through experience as well as introducing a structured and formal method to the existing       and new knowledge that you acquire.” (MBA Graduate 2010, REGENT )
• “It gave me business skills for life – good for promotion and career development.” (Current MBA Student, REGENT )
• “I now feel confident in running an organisation of any sort, parastatals, public or private. This course really impacted my life in that now I feel that the 28 years I spent in my career have gone down the drain. I honestly feel that had I done this course earlier I could have reached the top of the ladder in my organization.” (Current MBA Student, REGENT )
• “I’m already getting head hunted due to having done the MBA.” (MBA Graduate, REGENT )

Did the MBA make people more effective in their jobs?

• “I liked the fact that the programme is quite diverse. It honed my skills in many areas of an organisation, such as operations management, marketing, information systems, business ethics etc. In a way, I know a little bit of everything. It has truly broadened my mindset and I feel confident enough that I can work at any organisation and make a valuable impact from the experiences and knowledge I gained.” (MBA Graduate 2011, REGENT )

What impact does the MBA have on business turnover?

• “It was interesting to see the potential I have in growing my business. The MBA is really an eye opener for me in terms of aiming higher and successfully running my business.” (Current MBA Student, REGENT )

Has the MBA changed your outlook on life?

• “I have learnt so so so much about business, people, viewpoints and looking into information, not at it. And I have learnt a lot about myself and what I can, and more importantly, can’t do.”(Current MBA Student, REGENT )
• “In life I have realized that we all knock but the person with the greatest knock receives the answer. The MBA opens big doors and I am up for the challenge to knock on those big doors.”(Current MBA Student, REGENT )
• “I have changed the way I see the world.” (Current MBA Student, REGENT )

Has the MBA changed your view of your own potential?

• “It is not only the qualification or the financial benefit but more importantly the skills, experience and the impact I will have on society … I see myself as a dreamer with a lot of initiatives and innovative ideas soon to be unleashed. It, however, would have been quite difficult to realize my dreams or implement these initiatives if I had not enrolled for the MBA.” (Current MBA Student, REGENT )

The MBA also had a huge impact on people’s levels of confidence and self-belief

• “I have lost some confidence (which in hindsight was probably arrogance) and am far more aware of my areas of growth.” (Current MBA Student, REGENT )
• “The MBA has a bit of a stigma and people either admire my choice or judge me (negatively) for choosing to do an MBA. I hate the negative image and do not like having to apologise for my choice. I wish it could have the reputation of being a learning experience and that non-students would respect our choices to study.” (Current MBA Student, REGENT )

Has the MBA helped you become a more effective leader in your personal life?

• “The course allows you to think!!! And be able to apply your knowledge to the day to day life activities. Even at home as women leading huge families, you can use your leading skills learnt from the course.” (Current MBA Student, REGENT )
• “It is a well-rounded degree. I have a medical background with very little knowledge of the business sector … I like that I can now open up the Business Times newspaper and actually understand it!!” (Current MBA Student, REGENT )

Studying for the MBA is time-consuming and demands dedication. Anecdotally, students report a negative impact on their personal lives.

• “Finances are making things worse. I had fights with my fiancé – we nearly gave up our relationship. There is a lot of stress that comes with the decision, but it is worth it. But it is not easy at all.” (Current MBA Student, REGENT )
• “The MBA was extremely challenging on a mental, physical and emotional level. I enjoy challenges and the timelines required to produce quality work made the MBA much more exciting.” (MBA Graduate 2010, REGENT )

This is a further accolade adding to the 2 Palmes award issued by the Eduniversal International Scientific Committee for 2011. In addition, the Public Sector Management and the Investment and Portfolio Management electives on the RBS MBA degree have also been rated among the Top 200 Best Masters in regionally ranked programmes.


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