Take Public Administration to the Next Level. Get That Promotion with a BAdmin Qualification.

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business administration degreeWondering how a BAdmin degree helps you get ahead? Public Administration offers a diversity of options for those wanting to start a rewarding, exciting career path. The BAdmin qualification is without a doubt the first step in this journey, giving you the skills and understanding required to pursue a career in the field of Public Administration.

The Bachelor of Administration (BAdmin) degree is taken at undergraduate level, and is focused on providing an introduction into development and administration within the public sector. While there are a number of work opportunities within government, the diversity and flexibility of a BAdmin means that it can be applied in many other areas as well, from non-profits to private and consulting roles.

Jobs in this field utilise a number of interests and skills, with a great deal of personal and professional reward to be enjoyed. Public Administrators analyse information, develop and implement various policies, manage teams and resources, oversee spending, conduct safety assessments, investigate criminal activity, consult and essentially serve the interests of the greater public. A typical day may include anything from resolving critical issues, helping organisations meet the needs of the public, implementing strategies that help people and generally working to meet the need of the people. As such, this field is about far more than the ‘bottom line’ – it is about truly helping the public.

How a BAdmin Degree Helps You Succeed

How will a BAdmin degree help you succeed in this rewarding career? For starters, here are some of the benefits offered by this qualification…

badmin degree

  • Your career will be diverse and interesting. This career typically covers a broad range of interests and skills. As there are so many different roles that fall under the greater Public Administration field, this means that you will have plenty of room to grow, change paths and develop an exciting career that is fulfilling and empowering. After completing an undergrad degree in this field, you will be equipped to plot the next move in your career, to study further or begin working in the industry.
  • There are many rewarding career opportunities in the public sector. These could range from academic careers to administrators and managers within government. You can choose from a wide range of positions across agencies and organisations, such as Local Government Affairs, Provincial Affairs, National Affairs and International Affairs.
  • There are also opportunities outside of traditional government roles. BAdmin students are not only limited to one area, either. Many other organisations require trained, skilled BAdmins, including science and research councils, universities, NGOs and consulting firms that work with government.

Give your career the investment it needs, and consider studying an undergraduate BAdmin degree at REGENT Business School.


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