Why Study Through Distance Learning in Cape Town?

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distance learning collegeNot too long ago, distance learning in Cape Town or any other part of the country meant out-dated correspondence courses that relied on the postal service to work. Today, thanks to constant advancements in technology, remote learning has become the preferred choice for many students. The reasons for this are numerous. From flexibility to accessibility; the chance to study while working to the chance to embrace an exciting learner-centred study mode that is interactive and geared towards personal growth, distance education is the way of the future.

What exactly does this further education option have to offer though, and, more importantly, how do these benefits relate directly to you and your future? Let’s take a look…

Top Benefits of Distance Learning Courses in Cape Town

There are many reasons that you might consider a distance school over a traditional campus. While your parents may have had to settle for the only option that provided a solid education, the current generation has more choice than ever before. Some of the reasons that distance learning might be just right for you include the following:

  1. It removes one of the biggest barriers to education. The remote aspect is important for those who live far away from major learning centres. For students living in small towns and rural areas, remote education offers the chance to access a world-class learning opportunity, even if transport is not available. As long as there is a computer and access to a reliable internet connection, and students meet minimum requirements, anyone can study.
  1. It provides the perfect chance to learn on the job. For those who are already in the work sector, but want to increase skills or qualify further, remote courses make it possible to work and learn. Unlike traditional campuses, which are limited by scheduled class times and the need to be physically present at lectures, distance learning programmes can be done in your own time, while you manage work and study priorities and plan your future.
  1. It empowers people to learn… whatever their circumstances. Stay at home mothers, older students, school leavers, students with recognition of prior learning, students wanting a change of careers. All of them have the chance to learn and develop key skills in the workplace. Provided that students meet basic requirements for chosen courses, distance education makes it possible for dreams to come true.

Whether you have always longed to pursue a career in marketing, finance, accounting or management, or you are dreaming of starting your own business, making an investment in your future is crucial. At REGENT Cape Town, a wide range of courses are offered across all critical areas of business. Short courses, higher certificates, diplomas and degrees all offer a way to get where you want to go, while the sought-after MBA programme is a must if you have big plans for your future. If you are looking for a flexible, accessible and affordable way to study further, distance learning in Cape Town might just be the ideal solution.


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