8 Best Digital Marketing Jobs and How to Choose the Right Role for You

Online marketing is growing by leaps and bounds. 

So much so that digital ad spending is projected to reach $701.20 billion in 2023. 

This makes it vital for businesses of all shapes and sizes to invest in digital marketing experts to help them attract customers.

REGENT offers a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing that’ll enable you to pursue several careers in online marketing. 

This article will discuss digital marketing and list the best eight digital marketing careers you can consider. 

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing, also called online marketing, is the process of promoting a business and its products or services through online platforms. This includes emails, social media, websites, and more.

It often consists of brand communication to customers through organic or paid content and advertisements. For example, brands could promote their services by posting online advertisements on Facebook or Google.

There are many forms of digital marketing, including: 

  • Content marketing
  • Digital advertising
  • Influencer marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • And more

Best digital marketing jobs

There are many jobs available in the digital marketing industry. Below is a list of eight popular and highest-paying online marketing jobs. 

1. Content Marketing Specialist

Content Marketing Specialists are experts in content creation and marketing. Some of their daily duties include: 

  • Conceptualising, researching, and creating valuable content such as blog posts and social media posts
  • Writing and scheduling newsletters 
  • Coming up with content marketing strategies
  • And more

People in this position must have strong digital marketing skills, including writing and grammar skills. They also need to be familiar with search engine optimisation and be able to adopt different brand tones. 

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2. SEO Specialist

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising a website to increase its visibility on Google and other search engines so it can drive more traffic. 

SEO Specialists are responsible for optimising the website by identifying popular keywords people are searching for and inserting them into the website. 

They also need to develop and maintain link-building strategies to improve a website’s domain authority (DA), so Google is more likely to show it to users. 

People in this position need to have expert knowledge of SEO and should be able to use tools such as SEMrush, Google Analytics, and more. They should also have strong analytical and writing skills. 

3. Marketing Analyst

Marketing Analysts are responsible for researching consumer behaviour, exploring market trends, and tracking advertising costs. They often collect data through primary market research such as surveys, questionnaires, and other similar methods. 

Their work helps companies make smarter and data-driven marketing decisions that are more likely to succeed. 

To be a great Marketing Analyst, you need excellent analytical and research skills. You also need to pay attention to detail and have experience with data visualisation software. 

4. Product Marketing Specialist

Product Marketing Specialists are employees who focus on marketing a company’s products. They are responsible for researching and analysing competitors’ marketing materials, creating materials to promote products, looking at customer data, and more. 

These professionals must work closely with other departments, including the technical and sales teams, to write and present product roadmaps. 

People in this position need to have strong communication skills, analytical abilities, and must be creative. 

5. UX/UI Designer

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Designers create user interfaces for apps and websites to create good customer experiences. 

Some of their duties include building, developing, and maintaining wireframes, defining the user interaction model, testing the usability of products, and more. 

They work closely with users and marketing and engineering teams to provide the best experiences. 

UX/UI Designers need to be skilled in Adobe products, have a solid grasp of user-centred design, and should know how to use web development tools.  

6. eCommerce Manager

eCommerce Managers create strategies to increase sales in online stores and marketplaces. They are responsible for directing software developers, graphic designers, and copywriters to develop effective websites, landing pages, and marketing materials. 

eCommerce Managers must evaluate key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure the online store is reaching its traffic and sales goals. They should also identify and negotiate with vendors to get the best product prices. 

To become an eCommerce Manager, you need to be highly organised, have strong technical skills, and have multiple years of experience working in the eCommerce industry.

7. Social Media Manager

Social Media Managers develop comprehensive social media strategies to increase companies’ brand awareness and digital traffic. 

There were 28 million social media users in South Africa at the start of 2022. Therefore, SA businesses need Social Media Managers to reach potential customers.

Social Media Managers are responsible for researching, creating, and executing social media campaigns and collaborating with other teams. 

They also lead the development of social media marketing standards, policies, and rules to ensure consistency across all social marketing channels. 

Social Media Managers need excellent leadership skills and expertise in organic and paid social media campaigns. They should also have 3–5 years of experience in social media marketing. 

8. Copywriter

Copywriters write companies’ marketing materials such as newsletters, sales pages, website content, and more. 

They must ensure the copy is engaging, straightforward, and easy to read. Some of their duties include researching keywords, editing content, and fact-checking to ensure accuracy. 

To become a copywriter, you need to have a passion for writing. You should also have fast typing and research skills so you can produce accurate and quality content in a short amount of time. 

Study digital marketing with REGENT

As you can see, there are many jobs to choose from in the digital marketing industry. 

The good news is that many of the responsibilities and skills needed for different roles overlap. Therefore, you can pursue multiple job positions with your qualification. You will also be able to pivot directions if you find one position unsuitable for you. 

Have a look at our Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing to see what you can expect to learn and whether a career in digital marketing is right for you.


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