What can I do with a BBA degree in South Africa?

The business world comes with many career opportunities. 

From marketing, finances, human resources, and much more, the options are endless. 

Similar to a non-specialised BCOM degree, a Bachelor of Business Administration is an excellent choice if you know you want to work in the business world but are still determining the exact path you want to take.

REGENT offers a BBA degree that teaches you the skills and knowledge you need to gain great employment opportunities in several business environments. 

This article will look at what a Bachelor of Business Administration degree is, what careers you can pursue with this qualification, and how much you can expect to earn. 

What is a Bachelor of Business Administration?

A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a comprehensive business education program that generally takes three years to complete. It is the study of processes, management, and operations within a business. 

Designed to provide students with a robust understanding of business and management environments, this undergraduate course covers administration basics, including human resources, accounting, and marketing. 

With this degree, you’ll learn key communication, leadership, and technology skills to prepare you for actual work experiences. It puts you in a prime position to gain an entry-level marketing, accounting, or management job. 

Many companies, from retail to business services, require entry-level employees with an academic and solid foundation in business and management. 

Is BBA a good degree in South Africa? 

Since business administration is a broad course, you can apply what you learn to many industries. You can choose multiple career paths (which we will cover later). 

This means it is an excellent degree in South Africa and many other countries worldwide. You can even study for an internationally accredited degree that allows you to work overseas. 

What career can I get with a BBA degree?

A bachelor’s degree makes it possible to pursue many career opportunities. A BBA is an incredibly versatile business degree allowing you to pursue numerous careers. Here are some of them.


An Accountant is responsible for helping companies or individuals with their money and taxes. Some of their tasks may include preparing financial documents, developing strategies for future financial decisions, auditing current expenses, and more.

They must also ensure timely bank payments, prepare tax returns, and handle monthly and yearly closings. People who pursue this career are good with numbers and typically exceptionally detail-orientated. 

Marketing Coordinator

Marketing Coordinators develop, manage, and execute marketing campaigns. They collect information about target markets and analyse market trends to improve the company’s marketing strategy and results. 

Some of their daily tasks include creating and publishing marketing content, monitoring sales data, setting up advertising campaigns, and reporting to managers. 

People in this position must be exceptionally organised, good at verbal and written communication, and have computer skills. 

Human Resource Specialist

Human Resource Specialists are involved in the talent management of a business. Some of their daily responsibilities include recruiting new employees, processing paperwork, posting job listings, and writing policies. 

They also need to foster healthy work environments by allowing staff members to talk to them about their concerns. 

HR professionals need to be good at written and verbal communication, problem-solving, and leadership. Additionally, they need exceptional interpersonal intelligence and the ability to make people feel comfortable. 


An Entrepreneur is someone who ideates, starts, and runs their own business. This could be any business, including eCommerce, retail, service-based, or others. As an entrepreneur, you’ll be responsible for planning and raising money to finance the business. 

Entrepreneurs typically need to be exceptionally creative and have critical thinking abilities. They also need the theoretical and practical knowledge to start the business — which you will learn with a BBA degree. 

Here are the fundamental steps you need to take to start a business

Business Consultant

A Business Consultant analyses organisational processes, identifies weaknesses, and makes suggestions on how they can be improved. 

Many Business Consultants specialise in a specific field, such as human resources or engineering, and provide expert advice on that topic.

People in this position need to have problem-solving abilities, analytical skills, and the ability to work well under pressure. 

Loan Officer

Loan Officers evaluate and authorise the approval of business, credit, and real-estate loans. Some of their duties include reviewing loan files, updating account records, and determining creditworthiness. 

People in this position need to be detail-oriented and be able to use accounting software, spreadsheets, and proper procedures. They also need to have the ability to interpret financial data accurately. 

How much do BBA graduates earn in South Africa?

Your salary will depend on the career you choose. As seen above, a BBA opens up doors to vast career opportunities. Therefore, the salary ranges are different for each path. 

To demonstrate this, we will cover the salaries for two different positions you can get with a BBA, including an Accountant and Marketing Coordinator. 

According to Indeed, the average monthly salary of an Accountant in South Africa is R23,300. On the other hand, the average salary of a Marketing Coordinator is R17,500.  

It is also important to note that Accountants who work in different cities earn more than others. For example, an Accountant in Johannesburg North may earn up to R42,100. 

Study Bachelor of Business Administration with REGENT

If you’re ready to enter the business and management environment, you can consider studying for a BBA. 

Have a look at our Bachelor of Business Administration degree. If you are interested in a more specialised qualification, look at the Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting or the Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management.


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