What Is Supply Chain Management?

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supply chain management courseSupply Chain Management (also known as SCM) focuses on the movement and storage of materials, data, inventory, goods and finances as they move from the point of origin to the point of purchase. Many different processes are involved in this process, which essentially deals with the co-ordination of supply chains within and among various businesses.

Numerous supply networks and channels are involved in the production and delivery of products and services. Before goods reach the customer, they go through a chain of processes that could include anything from operations management to logistics, procurement, IT and warehousing. SCM can be defined as the integrated management of supply chain activities, and has the primary goal of creating value, boosting infrastructure, leveraging global logistics and delivery.

As such, supply chain professionals are required to have specialised training that enables them to effectively oversee various supply chain functions. From transportation to warehousing, inventory management and production, this role plays a vital part of any successful business. For this reason, Supply Chain Management courses are often highly in demand for those seeking to further a career within this challenging yet exciting field.

Why Consider A Supply Chain Management Course?

Providing a comprehensive overview of the various aspects of SCM, Supply Chain Management qualifications focus on quality improvement, innovation and how it affects the supply chain, challenge affecting the supply chain, risk management and various other modules that help to nurture qualified, skilled supply chain professionals. This qualification is ideal for those who are already working in a supply chain field or similar role and wish to update skills or knowledge, those wanting to advance within management roles as well as those wanting to pursue a career within this field.

A typical Supply Chain Management certificate from a distance learning institute such as REGENT Business School provides learners with the following abilities:

  • Provides students with a better understanding of SCM, as well as the benefit of integrated planning within the business sector, the components of a supply chain process and the overall objects of quality within the supply chain.
  • Gives students a better knowledge of the basic steps involved in purchasing, as well as the purchasing environment as it applies to the public sector.
  • Enables students to devise a plan that ensures delivery and stakeholder satisfaction, through the management and planning of projects according to best practices set by project management processes.
  • Provides students with an understanding of the numerous methodologies, tools and tactics used in negotiations while also providing a solid foundation for better negotiating skills.
  • Equips students with the fundamentals of clear role differentiation, responsibilities of various people within the supply chain and the correct measures to enable effective processes.
  • Gives students awareness of basic price and cost analysis from a purchasing and production point of view, along with a foundation for strategic thinking.

Interested in learning more about our Supply Chain Management course in South Africa? Contact us today to find out more about how you can advance your career as a SCM professional.


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