Higher Education in a disrupted world

Higher education institutions have long been considered to be the repositories of knowledge and learning and the structures through which knowledge is produced and disseminated.  They have survived sweeping societal changes created by technology—the moveable-type printing press, previous Industrial Revolutions, information and communication technologies, electronic media, and computers.  Today, however, higher education institutions appear to…


The importance of 21st century skills

In many cultures globally, turning 21 is seen as a milestone signifying a coming of age.  It signals a transition from childhood to adulthood.  As we enter the 21st year of the 21st century, the same can be said for the way we live and work in a rapidly changing world.  Our technologies are coming…


Can employability skills make you stand out in the crowd?

Completing a qualification at an institution of higher learning can give you a head start in your career. However, you will be on the same playing field as other equally qualified graduates with the same or similar mix of qualifications. What will make you stand out in the crowd or catch a prospective employer’s attention?…

distance learning benefits

The benefits of studying remotely

Unpacking the benefits of studying remotely through distance learning The year 2020 has shone a spotlight on the digital world more intensely than ever before. Due to the global pandemic, education systems from schools to universities and everything in-between have been forced to adapt their structures to fit the “new normal.” With a rise in…


Authentic leadership in an era of crises

The dawn of the 21st century ushered in a plethora of multiple interconnected global challenges and changes, not least of them being issues of poverty, inequality, social injustice, climate change, globalisation, socio-political crises, unemployment, food insecurity, the digital era and the major technological disruptions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). To add to this malaise, the…


Covid can facilitate Entrepreneurship

Last year President Cyril Ramaphosa presented the South African Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan which aimed to expedite the recovery of the country’s economy, severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. In particular he referred to the support for entrepreneurship and small business development. He believed that this specific sector of the economy offered the greatest…

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